Doubleday can refer to one of the following:


1 Publishing imprints
2 People

2.1 Doubleday publishing family
2.2 Doubleday military family
2.3 Doubleday scientific family
2.4 Doubleday acting family
2.5 Other people

3 Other

Publishing imprints[edit]

Doubleday (publisher), founded 1897, now merged with Knopf Publishing Group
Doubleday Canada, imprint of Random House of Canada, owned by Bertelsmann AG
Doubleday Religion, imprint of Crown Publishing Group, subsidiary of Random House

Doubleday publishing family[edit]

Frank Nelson Doubleday (1862–1934), American businessman, founder of Doubleday & McClure Company in 1897
Nelson Doubleday (1889–1949), American book publisher and president of Doubleday Company
Nelson Doubleday, Jr. (1933–2015), last president of Doubleday and Company
Neltje Doubleday Kings (born 1934), American artist and philanthropist, daughter of Nelson Doubleday
Russell Doubleday (1872–1949), American author, editor and publisher, brother of Frank Nelson Doubleday

Doubleday military family[edit]

Abner Doubleday (1819–1893), American Civil War Union general and disputed inventor of baseball
Stephen Ward Doubleday, (1845–1926), American banker and Civil War soldier, son of Thomas D. Doubleday
Thomas D. Doubleday (1792–1866), American bookstore owner and Civil War officer
Ulysses Doubleday (general) (1824–1893), American Civil War general
Ulysses F. Doubleday (1792–1866), American printer, congressman from New York, father of Thomas D. Doubleday, Abner Doubleday, and Ulysses Doubleday

Doubleday scientific family[edit]

Edward Doubleday (1811–1849), English entomologist
Henry Doubleday (1808–1875), English entomologist and ornithologist, brother of Edward Doubleday
Henry Doubleday (1810–1902), English scientist and horticulturist, cousin of Henry and Edward Doubleday

Doubleday acting family[edit]

Frank Doubleday, American actor, father of Portia Doubleday and Kaitlin Doubleday
Kaitlin Doubleday (born 1984), American actress
Portia Doubleday (born 1988), American actress

Other people[edit]

Arthur Doubleday, (1865–1951), Bishop of Brentwood in the Roman Catholic Church
Edmund Doubleday (died 1620), English politician who helped capture Guy Fawkes
Jack Doubleday (1890–1918), Australian footballer
John Doubleday (born 1947), British painter and sculptor
John Gordon Doubleday (1920–1982), British diplomat
Ken Doubleday (born 1926), Australian Olympian athlete
Ralph R. Doubleda